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New technology of purity without chemicals

A series of high-tech split microfibre wipes for body care and all types of cleaning

Natural cleaning products

A range of environmentally friendly products for effective cleaning and washing. From express cleaning of things to general cleaning in the house

An exquisite collection of tea drinks

Unique varieties of fragrant tea are created according to the author’s recipes, so that with each sip you can charm with a delicate bouquet of natural herbs and berries

A line of dry cosmetics and nourishing creams

Natural phytomineral complex for skin and hair care gives gentle care and unfading youth

Genetic tests for home use

A detailed report will tell you everything about your features: from your metabolism and digestion to your predisposition to cardiovascular and other diseases.

Decorative cosmetics FOET

The Foet line features several trendy shades of matte and satin lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balm, eyeliner, comfortable eye shadow pencils and eyebrow pencils.

WELLLAB line of health products

The Welllab range is an innovative formula designed to support your health. The products of the line are created on the basis of unique natural components-chitosan and fulvic acid.


Shakers for making drinks, craft bags and bags made of recycled plastic.

Innovative systems for cleaning

Convenient household helpers for simple and high-quality cleaning ensure quick results and perfect cleanliness

AQUAmagic PLUSH Towels

The delicate LAGUNA towel is made of cotton and split microfiber. The unique «double loop» weave provides delicate skin care and gives the towel exceptional durability.

Palette of instant berry drinks

A series of berry drinks of directed action with a complex «Trimarin». Six bright flavors for pleasure, a balanced composition for cheerfulness and optimism

Natural fragrance oils for wide use

The life-giving power of plants in every drop, giving a person health, beauty and spiritual comfort

Protein Shakes BALANCER

Protein shakes BALANCER will help fill the body’s need for essential nutrients, support your performance and surprise you with a delicious variety of flavors.

Care cosmetics NICE CODE

Nice Code is about preserving the youth and beauty of your face. Her kit includes a spray to prepare the skin for the effects of active substances and fabric masks.

Care cosmetics HEMP Beauty Collection

Greenway company presents a new line of care cosmetics HEMP BEAUTY COLLECTION, created to preserve beautiful and healthy skin at any age.

Greenway Starter Kits

The top products are already assembled in sets, so that it is easier for you to make your first order

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