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set for a Spa leaving

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The bast for scrubbing of skin is suitable for massaging of all body, stimulates blood circulation and improves a cellular metabolism. The mitten srub provides deep purification of leather and promotes removal of the horny layer.

Set is suitable

for any type of skin, prevents emergence and growth of pathogenic bacteria, deeply purifies skin, peels the become lifeless cages and prepare skin for more effective perception of creams and masks.

are specially created by

of the Product of the AQUAmagic Laska SPA set for care of gentle skin. It is not necessary to use rough srubs and chemical peelings any more!

will softly and effectively purify with

of the Product leather from pollution, will peel the died-off cages and will absorb excess fat.

and residues of cosmetics together with water will be absorbed by

due to capillary effect of pollution deep into fabrics. It will allow to keep skin clean. At the same time microfibre will also prevent emergence and growth of pathogenic bacteria — thanks to Silver technology.

enter set:

  • Mitten srub, 24 x 9 cm
  • Bast towel, 80 x 15 cm

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