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AQUAmagic SPORT set


for sports activities

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Comfortable and stylish products equally will be suitable both for fans of sport, and for professionals.

It is no secret that during active holiday sweating increases. This problem will be solved by a stylish sports hairband and a comfortable towel. Together with moisture these unique products will take away all pollution from the surface of skin, having destroyed nutrient medium for microbes.

After the training when so there is a wish to remove muscular stress and to make toilet, the mitten, a turban and a bathing towel will come to the rescue: the mitten will allow to make the weakening massage, a turban — quickly to dry up hair, the towel after a shower will present feeling of purity and freshness.


always keeps a form and instantly dries. So the pleasure and desired result from use of these soft, easy, «breathing» products are provided to you!

  • A towel for a training, 90 x 20 cm
  • A sports hairband, 19 x 5 cm
  • A mitten bast, 22 x 14 cm
  • A turban, 63 x 26 cm
  • A towel after a shower, 90 x 40 cm

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