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For removal of ultrastrong pollution

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The products AQUAmagic Ultra are created on the basis of multilayered Involver thread in which the thinnest thread of microfibre cut on the correct prisms repeatedly twists a core from special rigid skrabiruyushchy fiber.

Involver Fabric differs in the increased moisture capacity and the excellent cleaning properties. Like a toothbrush, threads get into the thinnest cracks and clean surfaces from the strongest pollution without special work. Sticky fat on a kitchen extract, a deposit on a plate, strokes from footwear on linoleum, a limy raid, dust on lattices, patina on products from metals, traces from an adhesive tape, poplar kidneys, chewing gum, insects will not be for you a problem any more. And you clean off all this without drop of household chemicals hazardous to health.

Weaving Involver guarantees to

not only efficiency, but also special durability of products. Even at intensive use they will not lose the properties within several years. And all years of service AQUAmagic Ultra will please you with purity and comfort.

enter set:

  • Involver sponge of threefold, 26.5 x 15.5 cm
  • Sponge Involver of Large, 16 x 8 cm
  • Sponge Involver of Medium, 15 x 7 cm

Attention! Not to use for the glossy, varnished surfaces and also surfaces from stainless steel.

to Use

for damp cleaning. Before application to wet and wring out.

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