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Automobile AQUAmagic LUXE towel


automobile, 70 x 55 cm

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The towel is made of fabric on the basis of Twist thread. The big towel is suitable for cleaning of extensive surfaces: cowl, luggage carrier and glasses of the car. Deletes excess moisture after washing, does not leave on automobile enamel of a scratch and damage.

Appearance of the car and an ideal order in salon — an important element of image of the person. Lack of dirt on handles, doors and in salon — a guarantee of purity of your clothes. And timely clarification of the car from winter dirt with reagents is a long life of automobile enamel.

Now you will be able to achieve it without the aid of auto chemical goods and regular visit of car wash. The big and comfortable AQUAmagic Lux towel will make washing of the car simple and easy. Thanks to ability of microfibre to absorb considerable volumes of moisture, it will quickly cope with cleaning of such extensive surfaces as a cowl, a luggage carrier and even glasses of the car.

Together with liquid microfibre absorbs in itself dirt, the remains of the cleaning means and reagents, thereby protecting automobile enamel from damages. The towel to gloss will clean any details of the car and will not leave on them scratches, stains or fibers. Your car will look faultlessly.

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