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Involver sponge of AQUAmagic ULTRA threefold


Involver sponge of AQUAmagic Ultra Threefold

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A sponge for removal of permanent pollution. Threefold blow to the eaten spots. The best tool for cleaning of rooms subject to pollution.


It is created on the basis of innovative Involver thread in which the ultrathin cut microfibre repeatedly twists a core from rigid skrabiruyushchy pile. Thanks to the special threefold cut allowing to give to a product various forms, the sponge is convenient in use and helps to achieve the best result in cleaning.


It is intended for elimination of any pollution, including resistant spots, the eaten dirt and fat.

Attention! Not to use for the glossy, varnished surfaces and also surfaces from stainless steel.

to Use

for damp cleaning. Before application to wet and wring out.

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