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Kitchen towel Aquamagic ABSOLUTE (dusty rose)


dusty rose, 60 x 40 cm

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With a universal AQUAmagic Absolute towel you it is easy, and, above all it is safe, present to kitchen amazing purity and dazzling shine. Cases, a plate, an extract will look as new. It is possible not to be afraid for the crystal and other materials demanding careful attitude: the structure of fabric from microfibre will not leave on such surfaces of scratches or stains. The increased absorbing ability of a towel allows to absorb large volumes of moisture in one contact. Does not leave stains and fibers on any surfaces. Effectively both in dry, and in a damp look. Maintains a set of washings, it is not deformed.

  • Use of the products AQUAmagic saves money and time;
  • After application of the products AQUAmagic remains a clean surface;
  • Esthetic pleasure from application: the product beautifully looks, pleasant taktilno.

Sizes: 60 x 40 cm

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