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Reversible AQUAmagic LUXE autotowel


bilateral, 40 x 30 cm

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The unique reversible towel from the cut microfibre allows to solve several important problems at once. Thanks to the ekstravpityvayushchy properties it perfectly collects excess liquid, allowing to dry up a surface quickly. The extended pile of a towel will help to collect the smallest particles of dust and dirt from hard-to-reach spots, without leaving at the same time marks and stains.

Soft and nice on the touch, it is careful and without scratches will polish even the chromeplated elements of your car. The towel is suitable both for damp, and for dry cleaning of salon and also for drying after washing of a body and removal of condensate.

the LUXE Towel is the one compact universal tool for care of the car without excess expenses. Mirrors, glasses, the plastic, chromeplated, varnished and other surfaces in and outside of your car will shine purity! Berezhnaya, but effective cleaning with a LUXE towel!

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