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Sponge for AQUAmagic LASKA peeling


for a peeling of face skin, a neck and a decollete, 8 x 4.5 cm

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The sponge for a peeling of AQUAmagic Laska deletes the horny particles from the surface of skin, renders a deep peeling effect and massage action, starts regeneration processes. At regular application your skin smooth, opaque, without black points and peelings, elastic and fresh. Hypoallergenic. Is suitable for skin of any type.

the Hypoallergenic sponge for AQUAmagic Laska peeling carefully cares for face skin, necks and zones of a decollete, rendering a deep peeling effect. A sponge and water — two components of pure and healthy leather. For unsurpassed purity and gentle care of skin you do not need additional cosmetics.


  • The sponge for a peeling is made byof ADVANTAGE of the SPONGE TO AQUAMAGIC LASKA PEELING

    of two types of fibers — microfibres and viscose.

  • Viscose from a bamboo renders effect of a peeling and deletes the top layer of epidermis, and microfibre purifies skin, extends from a pollution time.
  • Peels the become lifeless cages from the surface of skin without cosmetics.
  • Deeply cleans pores, promotes elimination of surplus of skin fat, prevents development of eels and comedones.
  • Has massage effect, improves microcirculation, promotes renewal of cells of skin and its rejuvenation.

How to provide to a product maintaining properties

  • Optimum temperature of washing to 60 °C, to use laundry, children’s soap or plates for washing of BioTrim. Not to use bleach or the conditioner. To erase separately from products from other fabrics.
  • Cannot be ironed, dried on the battery and under direct sunshine.
  • Not to allow contact of a product with means of household chemicals.

APPLICATION: moisten a sponge, well wring out, put on two or three fingers. Accurately, without efforts and pressings, conduct a sponge on massage lines, paying attention to the T-zone. Massage 2 — 3 minutes, rinse a face water. Blot a face with a towel, apply cream.

you Carry out the procedure of a peeling depending on type of your skin:

  • the fat and combined skin — 1 time in two-three days.
  • dry and sensitive — once a week.

Additional information


Viscose — natural fiber from the dismissed bamboo pulp, polyamide — microfibre with the maximum absorbing effect.

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