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Sponge for kitchen of AQUAmagic SPLITTER


Sponge for kitchen of AQUAmagic Splitter

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The sponge for kitchen of AQUAmagic Splitter perfectly absorbs moisture and holds it together with pollution inside. It is irreplaceable for care of cooking panels, ovens, ceramic aprons, extracts, microwave ovens. The rigid party can be used for elimination of the eaten dirt, and soft will be suitable for polishing of surfaces.

the Soft velors party represents the ultrathin cut microfibre, and rigid is created by drawing on a soft basis of skrabiruyushchy texture — Splitter fiber. The sponge easily deletes with the skrabiruyushchy party difficult pollution, and soft absorbs dirt and moisture. Is suitable for cleaning of household kitchen appliances, a ceramic tile.

It makes to

a sponge real «expert» in removal of difficult pollution. He will easily cope with fat, a limy raid, the remains of food and to gloss will clean any surfaces, without damaging them.

  • Use of the products AQUAmagic saves money and time;
  • After application of the products AQUAmagic remains a clean surface;
  • Esthetic pleasure from application: the product beautifully looks, pleasant taktilno.

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