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The Aquamagic NEGA mini set for care of a body


for care of a body

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The AQUAmagic Nega Mini cosmetic wipes allow to purify gently even the most sensitive skin, rendering effect of an easy peeling. The turban will help to dry up hair most carefully and effectively.

the Napkin will carefully take care of health of your body: will peel the died-off cages, intensifies microcirculation, will strengthen muscles, will tighten skin, will reduce fatty deposits, will enhance effect of water procedures.

the Turban will dry up hair much quicker than traditional terry products.

Gentle leaving in AQUAmagic style will present you youth and health!

enter set:

  • Cosmetic wipes, 20 x 20 cm
  • Turban, 60 x 25 cm

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