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A set of nozzles for a universal mop of Aquamatic MOP


A set of nozzles for a universal mop

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With nozzles for AQUAmatic mop mop you will master a new way of cleaning: fast, simple, effective and safe — without drop of household chemicals.

Thanks to capillary effect they will easily cope even with the strongest pollution. Nozzles are capable to absorb moisture in the volume many times exceeding their own sizes and are irreplaceable when it is necessary to collect water quickly.


can be wrung out almost dry that allows to use it for clarification of the surfaces demanding careful attitude. It is irreplaceable and for dry cleaning: dust does not scatter about the room, and pressed and gathers a nozzle. The surfaces cleaned from dust will remain clean for a long time.

a Set of nozzles covers all «specialties» of microfibre. Enter a nozzle for damp cleaning it, a nozzle for dry cleaning and a universal nozzle. With them your house will breathe freshness and to please with purity.

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Nozzle for damp cleaning, a nozzle for dry cleaning, a universal nozzle.

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