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AQUAmatic CRAB device manipulator


Universal device manipulator

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The multipurpose AQUAmatic CRAB manipulator «will extend» your hands and will allow to keep health of a backbone. With its help you without effort will be able to remove a box from mezzanines, to pull out the fallen book because of a case, to put away large garbage, without bending.

Thanks to «crab» your elderly relatives will find independence and freedom of the address with objects: will be able independently to put shoes on, tighten to themselves the mobile phone or keys, to get medicine from the shelf.

«Crab» is made by

of the heat-resistant plastic maintaining considerable loadings. The ergonomic handle similar with pistol, ideally lies in a hand, and capture claw copes pressing a trigger. One pressing is enough reliably to record a subject in «claw». Thanks to the rubberized corrugated internal surface of «claw» of a thing do not slide and do not drop out during manipulations. And for the best access to various objects it is possible to record capture in any of four provisions concerning the handle.

Take care of relatives — present them easy life with AQUAmatic CRAB!

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