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Mop with the Aquamatic AERO spray


Mop with the spray

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The mop of AERO is a new format of daily damp cleaning. Simple use without bucket with water.

the Mop of AERO will be suitable

for washing of such sensitive surfaces as a parquet and laminate. The tile, marble and other types of floor coverings will shine with little effort.

On the handle of a mop located the removable tank for water of 260 ml which is enough for cleaning to 50 m ². Pulling a raspryskivatel the trigger, you evenly moisten a floor. By means of a nozzle from microfibre you remove pollution and dry you wipe a surface, without leaving wet marks and stains.

two nozzles of different flowers are included In the package that allows to zone cleaning. For example, the nozzle of white color can be used for cleaning of the nursery and the bedroom, and gray — for cleaning of the living room, kitchen, a corridor.

of the Nozzle from ultrathin microfibre are perfectly incorporated by all pollution, are easily rinsed and quickly dry that interferes with reproduction of bacteria.

the Mop of AERO is ergonomic and convenient to

in use regardless of growth. You will easily wipe a floor under a sofa, cases, batteries, in angular joints.

AERO Mop — your irreplaceable assistant for easy daily cleaning of your house!

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