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System for damp cleaning with the Aquamatic Turbo centrifuge


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With the unique AQUAmatic TURBO system all problems of cleaning will remain in the past. «»Head»» of a mop spins by 360 degrees and fastens to the handle the mobile hinge that does a device really pervasive. The mop will round any obstacles and will reach the most hard-to-reach spots.

the Centrifuge and the device for rinsing operated by a foot pedal will make by manual labor on a nozzle extraction for you. You will be able easily to rinse all dirt from a nozzle and to wring out «»braids»» almost dry that important for the surfaces demanding careful attitude, and maximum efficiency of microfibre.

the centrifuge at a speed up to 2500 revolutions per minute Rotates — the mop will be ready to work for only a few seconds. The nozzles striking with the hygroscopicity instantly will collect water together with pollution and to gloss will wipe any surfaces without the aid of household chemicals.

nozzles of three different flowers enter set that provides cleaning zoning. You will not bring dirt from a bathroom or the hall to the bedroom or the nursery. The white nozzle, for usual — green, for quickly becoming soiled — blue is intended for the most «»sterile»» rooms.

With AQUAmatic TURBO you to an ideal will wash not only a floor, but also walls, a ceiling, doors and a tile and will open 3D — purity measurement.

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