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Universal mop with two nozzles of Aquamatic MOP


Universal mop with two nozzles

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With a universal mop of AQUAmatic MOP cleaning will be fast, comfortable, eco-friendly and safe. Microfibre allows to do without use of household chemicals and easily copes even with the most difficult pollution.

The Multiposition platform with mobile fastening guarantees to maneuverability of a device: you will be able to wash not only horizontal, but also vertical surfaces and to clean up without effort the room which is densely filled furniture.

The Rounded-off corners of the platform will provide to accuracy of process. The rubberized hold will not be slid off by a hand. And thanks to fixing of the telescopic handle on different length children will be able to help you with cleaning. The design of a mop will allow to fix easily nozzles in clips, and heavy-duty plastic, the aluminum handle and reasonableness of details guarantee durability of a product.

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