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Balancer cocktail with taste «Vanilla ice cream», 10 pieces.


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In packing: 10 sachets on 52 g to show consideration for the food does not mean to make the choice between advantage and taste. Protein BALANCER cocktails will help to fill the need of an organism for necessary nutrients, will support your working capacity and will surprise with a delightful variety of tastes. Ready mixes already contain milk and demand only water addition.

Of the Formula BALANCER are approved by the leading nutritionist, professor A.V. Kovalkov.

It is so simple to p to Observe balance of food when in life Balancer appears. Indulge yourself with tasty cocktail with natural creamy and vanilla taste. Darling since the childhood a dessert in the form of the gentle melted ice cream not only will satisfy feeling of hunger, but also will lighten the mood for all day.

The optimum amount of protein, food fibers, antioxidants, vitamins Contains. Perfectly will be suitable both for healthy having a snack during the day, and for replacement of food at weight control.


Serumal and soy proteins. The combination of a vegetable protein and a protein from whey allows to reach the most full-fledged combination of different types of amino acids. Protein gives a tone to muscles, interferes with accumulation of fatty deposits, accelerates recovery and exchange processes in an organism.

OatWell Beta glucan improves work of intestines and helps to control appetite, stimulating saturation. Promotes decrease in level of cholesterol.

Pectin and inulin bring toxins, cholesterol, bilious acids out of an organism, thereby reducing their level. Stimulate growth of useful bacteria of intestines.

Phospholipids (from soy lecithin) strengthen cellular membranes, maintain health of heart, promote increase in attention and concentration

Of RENOVA SYSTEM there is a system of anti-age-components for protection and cell renewal.

Extracts of grape seeds, red wine, green tea, vitamin E help to struggle with signs of aging at the cellular level.

Resveratrol maintains by health of heart and vessels.

Griffoniya Extract (a source of amino acid 5-HTP) increases serotonin level, promotes improvement of mood, a dream and appetite.

Extract of escapes of bilberry increases resistance to visual loadings.

Spirulin’s contains natural antioxidants, a chlorophyll, minerals in a chelate form.

Vitamin D participates in exchange of calcium and phosphorus, strengthens a bone tissue, regulates work of immune cages.


  • For those who strive for balance in food.
  • For those who decided to be engaged in the health.
  • For those who lead active lifestyle.
  • For those who want to look good.
  • For those who want to support optimum weight.
  • For those who regularly have a stress.
  • For those who need healthy having a snack.

WAY of PREPARATION: To part 1 portion of a dry product (52 g) in 200 ml of drinking water of room temperature, intensively shaking up in the closed capacity (shaker). To use right after preparation. The restored product is not subject to storage.


  • For daily support of health: 1 — 2 portions a day. As addition to the main diet or replacement of one of meals.
  • For weight reduction: 2 — 4 portions a day as replacement of food. Against the background of a diet with the lowered caloric content and regular trainings.
  • For a set of weight: 2 — 4 portions a day as addition to a usual diet.

SCOPE: as specialized foodstuff of dietary preventive foods — an additional source of protein, food fibers, vitamins E, D, for optimization and balancing of daily food, including to the persons controlling body weight.

Of the CONTRAINDICATION: individual intolerance of components.

Number of the certificate on the State registration of KZ.

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SPECIALIZED PRODUCT of DIETARY PREVENTIVE FOODS of BALANCER WITH TASTE "VANILLA ICE CREAM" STRUCTURE: powdered skim milk, a proteinaceous complex (isolate of soy protein, a concentrate of serumal protein), coconut oil (powder), a palatinoza, lecithin soy, inulin, fragrances, a trikaltion phosphate, pectin, gum of cellulose (stabilizer), container gum (stabilizer), chop off oat OatWell (with the content of soluble fibers of beta glucan of 28%), oil coconut, the antioxidant Renova system complex (extract of grape seeds, griffoniya extract, extract of red wine, extract of escapes of bilberry, spirulina extract, oats extract, extract of green tea, resveratrol, vitamin D (holekaltsiferol), vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), sweetener (sakharinat sodium, tsiklamat sodium).   NUTRITION AND POWER VALUE: 1 portion of 52 g ATN % * 100 g ATN % * Power value, kcal/kJ 220/920 8.8 420/1762 16.8 Proteins,   20 26.6 39 52 Fats,   8.0 9.6 15 18 Carbohydrates,   15.0 4 29 8 Food fibers,   3.0 10 6 20 Vitamin D, mkg 1.25 25 2.4 48 Vitamin E, mg 1.5 15 2.88 28.8 * ATN — the recommended daily consumption according to appendix 2 to TR CU 022/2011 "Food products regarding its marking".

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