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Express pyatnoochistitel BioTrim X-Formula


Express pyatnoochistitel
15 ml

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Compact express pyatnoochistitel — spray will help out in a difficult situation. Promotes removal from textiles of fresh pollution from coffee, tea, oil, wine, sauces, fruit, chocolate, cosmetics, ink.

Advantages express pyatnoochistitelya BioTrim X-FORMULA


  • Compact: will be located even in a small handbag.
  • Always near at hand: on a trip, restaurant, at work, walk, houses.
  • Works quickly: will help to eliminate a fresh spot in several minutes.


  • Cleanswithout aura and stains.
  • Removes spots without damage of structure of material.


Helps to eliminate with

different types of household pollution:

  • tea,
  • coffee,
  • oil,
  • wine,
  • juice,
  • fruit,
  • sauce,
  • chocolate,
  • cosmetics (foundation, ink, lipstick, pencils for eyes and eyebrows, the eyeliner, is ruddy, etc.),
  • traces of ink, iodine, brilliant green.


Blot pollution with a napkin or a scarf, scatter on a spot X-Formula, wait 2 — 3 minutes. Then wash pollution with water.

  • Spray is suitable for the fabrics resistant to fading.
  • With care use for clarification of fabrics for which dry cleaning is recommended.
  • Deletes spots from blood, separate types of fats and ink less effectively.
  • Surely before use test on the hidden sites of clothes for control of firmness of color.

Additional information


Purified water, the ethoxylated alcohol, tetrapotassium a pyrophosphate, glycerin.

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