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Paste the cleaning BioTrim Mystik


The universal cleaning paste
of 200 grams

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Cleaning paste of a wide range of application for removal of strong and permanent pollution. Will help to achieve brilliant results in kitchen and in the bathroom, perfectly is suitable for a tile, stainless steel, porcelain.

Components of paste are completely biodegradable

and are not toxic.


That can be cleaned in kitchen:

  • prigar and fat from ware, a plate, lattices;
  • fat and old spots on a tile, plasticity, the glass, porcelain;
  • a sink and other objects from stainless steel.

That can be cleaned in the bathroom:

  • mirrors to gloss that will prevent their fogging;
  • cranes and a tile from a limy raid, including old;
  • a tile, stainless steel, porcelain from rust traces.


Apply to

paste on the moistened surface which demands clarification. Wipe a surface with wet towel wipes from microfibre. For difficult pollution use a sponge or a disk from microfibre.

For elimination of pollution from the glasses, mirrors and other glossy surfaces use water solution of paste in a proportion 1:5. Put it with a napkin or a sponge, wipe a surface with a dry product from microfibre.

When drying and cracking paste does not lose the cleaning properties. For return of plasticity add a little water and mix paste to a uniform state.

Weight: 200 grams.


Silicon dioxide, purified water, glycerin, limonene.

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