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The cleaning powder BioTrim Mystik


Universal cleaning powder
of 160 grams

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The universal cleaning powder dissolved in water. Effectively cleans ware from a scum, is ideal for elimination of difficult spots from products from glass, crystal, porcelain, table silver. Returns primitive gloss without special work. Has antibacterial effect, removes smells. Does not scratch a surface. It is safe for the nature.

As works with


the Cleaning powder Biotrim Mystik contains two substances — the high cleaning and granulated percarbonate and a carbonate of sodium. In interaction with water these substances break up to a large amount of active oxygen, soda and water. Oxygen molecules actively interact with pollution, splitting and deleting them from a surface. Soda raises pH of water and reduces activity of ions of calcium and magnesium that leads to softening of water and increase in efficiency of cleaning.

Where we apply the cleaning powder BioTrim Mystik:

  • Removal of difficult spots from tea, coffee, wine, blood, etc.
  • Cleaning of cups and teapots from a scum.
  • Cleaning of a jewelry and table silver.
  • Sink of kitchen surfaces.
  • Processing of internal space of refrigerators.
  • Processing of kitchen, chopping boards.
  • Sink of a tile in the bathroom.
  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstery of upholstered furniture.
  • Cleaning of cages and toilets of animals.
  • Elimination of a mold from a tile, seams, walls.
  • Processing of garden wooden and plastic furniture.
  • All-house cleaning.

B than advantages of solution of the powder BioTrim Mystik?

  • Is ideal for
      for elimination of difficult spots (including from tea, coffee, wine) on any surfaces.
  • Primitive gloss without efforts returns.
  • Has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect.
  • Effectively removes smells.
  • The surface does not scratch.
  • Means is spent economically.

How to apply?

Clarification from a scum: to put 15 g of powder, to fill in 1.5 l of hot water, in 15 minutes to rinse several times cold water.

Clarification from the eaten spots from products from glass, crystal, porcelain, tableware: to prepare solution at the rate of 30 g of powder on 3 l of water, to lower in it objects for 15 minutes, then to rinse cold water. For especially permanent pollution to increase concentration and hold time twice.

Big objects and the kitchen equipment is enough to be wiped with the napkin moistened in powder solution, to wash with water and to dry up.


the Universal cleaning powder BioTrim Mystik has safe structure and is harmless to the person and the environment.

Additional information


Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (sodium percarbonate), sodium carbonate.

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