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A set of soluble Healthberry MIX drinks, 6 types on 7 sachets


Set of soluble drinks

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All six soluble HEALTHBERRY drinks in one packing.


Promotes removal from an organism of toxic and ballast substances, adjusts work of a natural system of a detoxication, normalizes water-salt balance and it allows to be restored quickly after poisonings. Delivers to an organism the complex of biosorbents which is well influencing functions of intestines and creating a background for formation of healthy microflora.


Has the stimulating effect on the immune system, interfering with development of various diseases. Normalizes adaptation processes, it allows to be restored quickly after diseases, it is irreplaceable during the periods of seasonal decrease in immunity. Regulates process of transportation of oxygen to bodies, fabrics and cages, preventing development of a hypoxia. High concentration organic Germany in combination with polysaccharides and triterpena helps to resist to aggression of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa and protects cages from the mutation characteristic of tumoral processes.


Increases physical and intellectual working capacity, restores forces, loads with cheerfulness and helps to eliminate adynamy symptoms. Has the adaptogenny and all-strengthening properties. Has the expressed psychostimulating effect. Promotes maintenance of a tone during the periods of the raised loads of an organism.


Promotes strengthening of health of nervous system of the person and protects it from functional frustration. Helps at overfatigue, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, allows to resist to stresses. Has anti-depressive effect, restores forces, increases intellectual working capacity.

Well influences metabolism and to traffic of fabrics, restores water-salt balance, normalizes lipidic exchange and stimulates removal of excess fats and toxins by means of a lymph. Allows to control food behavior in the situations caused by a chronic stress. Promotes weight reduction and the general improvement of an organism.

health of an urinary system Helps to keep

and promotes its protection against infections. Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Optimizes water-salt exchange, strengthens a diuresis, reduces adjournment of salts and helps to restore mineral balance at a plentiful mocheotdeleniye.

the Unique Trimarin complex which is a part of each of HEALTHBERRY drinks is

a source of digestible vitamins, minerals and irreplaceable amino acids, providing cages with all necessary elements, strengthening immune protection, interfering with development of various diseases. It is important for synthesis of the nucleinic acids which are responsible for storage and transfer of hereditary information. Thanks to good nutrition of a system of an organism run smoothly that promotes extension of life and provides healthy longevity.

Contents of a package to pour out the Way of preparation

in 150 — 200 ml of warm or cold water, to mix before full dissolution, to insist 2 — 3 minutes and once again carefully to mix.

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