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Healthberry Ecodrops Brain Activity lollipop, 30 pieces


Lollipops for improvement of brain activity

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The HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS Brain Activity lollipop with kvadrokompleks of TLR-active is a tasty charge of energy for the new ideas and high performance. Thanks to active components in structure lollipops provide reliable support of a brain for serious intellectual loadings. Do not contain some sugar.

the Functional HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS lollipops — the convenient tasty decision for health, beauty and excellent health at any time during the day!

Thanks to a complex of functional ingredients: ginkgoes of a bilob, Gotha of a stake and a buckwheat — the HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS Brain Activity lollipops increase intellectual activity and working capacity, improve memory and concentration of attention.

Lollipops do not contain some sugar therefore will not affect a figure. In a basis — izomalt — modern natural sweetener which provides an organism with energy of the best quality does not harm teeth and suits people with diabetes.

the Method of application

Adult to rassasyvat 3 — 5 lollipops a day.

of the Contraindication and a precautionary measure

has no contraindications, except individual shipping of components.

the Expiration date

24 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions

to Store

in dry, protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature from +5 to +25 °C and relative air humidity no more than 75%.

Additional information


Izomalt, treacle, amber acid, ascorbic acid, coconut oil, essential oil of orange, kvadrokompleks of TLR-active, cyclodextrin, extract Gotha Coca, extract of a ginkgo of a bilob, buckwheat extract, essential oil of a lime, essential oil of cinnamon, coffee fragrance identical natural, dye antotsian (grapes), laurel oil, dye karmuazin.   The Kvadrokompleks of TLR active (hyaluronic acid, DNA of milts salmon, extract of a mushroom of a reishi, RNA barmy) includes four active ingredients which influence cellular receptors (TLR-receptors) in mucous a mouth and activate the cellular immune answer of an organism. Amber acid — the excellent regulator of power exchange intended for prevention of violations of an energy balance in an organism. Extract Gotha of a stake helps to improve brain blood circulation and supply of its departments with oxygen, thereby increasing mental capacities and speed of reaction, accelerating processes of thinking and improving memory. Extract of a ginkgo of a bilob intensifies growth of platelets, stimulating blood circulation, renders anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens a men's potentiality, improves cognitive functions, increases mood. Extract of a buckwheat resists to mean radicals and interferes with aging, makes antioxidant impact, feeds an organism with useful elements. Essential oils of orange, a lime, cinnamon render the calming, weakening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions, fill an organism with energy after a long disease, stimulate blood circulation, normalize outflow of a lymph, concentration of attention and to improvement of mood promote. Coconut and laurel oils calm nervous system, improve cerebration, strengthen immunity.   Nutrition and power value: Nutrition value on 100 g: proteins — 0 g, fats — 0.8 g, carbohydrates — 78.2 g. Power value on 100 g — 296 kcal / 1, 239 kJ. Power value is at 1 lollipop (3.2 g) — 9 kcal.

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