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Healthberry Ecodrops Tooth Care lollipop, 30 pieces


Lollipops for care of an oral cavity

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The HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS ToothCare lollipop with kvadrokompleks of TLR-active is tasty care of an oral cavity and always fresh breath. Lollipops do not contain some sugar therefore are harmless to tooth enamel. The natural operating components revitalize oral cavity microflora, promote fight against diseases of teeth and gums and also provide fresh breath for a long time.

the Functional HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS lollipops — the convenient tasty decision for health, beauty and excellent health at any time during the day!

the HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS ToothCare Lollipops with oil of a tea tree suppress growth of pathogenic microorganisms, revitalize oral cavity microflora, refresh breath. Crude turpentine cedar — effective natural anti-inflammatory and anesthetic. Sea salt rich with minerals and minerals promotes fight against periodontosis. Fresh breath — self-confidence!

Lollipops do not contain some sugar therefore will not affect a figure. In a basis — izomalt — modern natural sweetener which provides an organism with energy of the best quality does not harm teeth and suits people with diabetes.

the Method of application

Adult to rassasyvat 3 — 5 lollipops a day.

of the Contraindication and a precautionary measure

has no contraindications, except individual shipping of components.

the Expiration date

24 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions

to Store

in dry, protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature from +5 to +25 °C and relative air humidity no more than 75%.

Additional information


Izomalt, treacle, coconut oil, sea salt, cedar oil with crude turpentine, amber acid, oil of a tea tree, kvadrokompleks of TLR-active, a cyclodextrin, laurel oil, indigo dye.   The Kvadrokompleks of TLR-active (hyaluronic acid, DNA of milts salmon, extract of a mushroom of a reishi, RNA barmy) includes four active ingredients which influence cellular receptors (TLR-receptors) in mucous a mouth and activate the cellular immune answer of an organism. Oil of a tea tree — fine antiseptics, strong antiviral and resolvent. Sea salt contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, bromine and iodine which help to regulate acid-base balance of an oral cavity and processes of its natural clarification. Cedar oil with crude turpentine helps at diseases of gums and teeth. Crude turpentine has the bactericidal and balsam, anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Laurel and coconut oils have all-strengthening effect, care for health of gums. Amber acid — the excellent regulator of power exchange intended for prevention of violations of an energy balance in an organism.   Nutrition and power value: Nutrition value on 100 g: proteins — 0 g, fats — 1.5 g, carbohydrates — 78.3 g. Power value on 100 g — 297 kcal / 1, 243 kJ. Power value is at 1 lollipop (3.2 g) — 10 kcal.

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