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Healthberry Immunity Active lollipop, 30 pieces


Lollipops for maintenance of immunity

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The HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS IMMUNITY ACTIVE lollipops with kvadrokompleks of TLR-active — tasty and compact support of immunity. RNA barmy and extract of a mushroom of a reishi are natural immunomodulators, and DNA of milts of salmons stimulates cellular and humoral immunity. The natural operating components as a part of lollipops increase protective properties of an organism and its resilience to infections during spread of cold and flu: extract of ginger possesses antioxidant and immunostimulating with actions, extract of a leaf of a sea-buckthorn restores cages, oils of a sage and a lemon make the anti-inflammatory and toning impact.

the Functional HEALTHBERRY ECODROPS lollipops — the convenient and tasty decision for health, beauty and excellent health at any time during the day!

the Method of application

Adult to rassasyvat 3 — 5 lollipops a day.

of the Contraindication and a precautionary measure

has no contraindications, except individual shipping of components.

Storage conditions: to store in dry, protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature from +5 to + 25C and relative air humidity no more than 75%.

the Expiration date

24 months from the date of production.

Additional information


Izomalt, treacle nizkoosakharyonny, inulin, acid amber, acid ascorbic, carrots black (extract), coconut oil, beta cyclodextrin, magnesium lactate, zinc lactate, zinc gluconate, copper citrate, oil lemon, oil sagy, fragrances natural "sea-buckthorn", "cranberry", dye antotsian (grapes), ginger (extract), leaf of a sea-buckthorn (extract), elder black (extract), kvadrokompleks of TLR-active.   Zinc — the important element helping an organism it is correct to function and support the immune system. The Kvadrokompleks of TLR-active (hyaluronic acid, DNA of milts salmon, extract of a mushroom of a reishi, RNA barmy) includes four active ingredients which influence cellular receptors (TLR-receptors) in mucous a mouth and activate the cellular immune answer of an organism. Ascorbic acid actively participates in many oxidation-reduction reactions, has the nonspecific all-stimulating impact on an organism. Increases adaptation abilities of an organism and its resilience to infections, promotes regeneration processes. Extract of ginger possesses antioxidant and soothing action, increases immunity and protects an organism from parasites. It is useful to prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases. Extract of a leaf of a sea-buckthorn promotes restoration of cages, has easy antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. Extract of leaves of a sea-buckthorn — one of the best means for prevention of LOR-diseases and treatment of quinsy. Oils of a sage and a lemon have immunomodulatory, calming, antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, healing, toning, expectorant effects, can be applied as anesthetic and the funds withdrawing spasms. Amber acid — the excellent regulator of power exchange intended for prevention of violations of an energy balance in an organism.

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