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Soluble Healthberry IMMUNITY drink, 14 sachets


The immunostimulating drink on the basis of natural extracts

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Soluble IMMUNITY drink has the stimulating effect on the immune system, interfering with development of various diseases. Normalizes adaptation processes, it allows to be restored quickly after diseases, it is irreplaceable during the periods of seasonal decrease in immunity. Regulates process of transportation of oxygen to bodies, fabrics and cages, preventing development of a hypoxia. High concentration organic Germany in combination with polysaccharides and triterpena helps to resist to aggression of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa and protects cages from the mutation characteristic of tumoral processes.

the Unique Trimarin complex is

a source of digestible vitamins, minerals and irreplaceable amino acids, providing cages with all necessary elements, strengthening immune protection, interfering with development of various diseases. It is important for synthesis of the nucleinic acids which are responsible for storage and transfer of hereditary information. Thanks to good nutrition, the systems of an organism run smoothly that promotes extension of life and provides healthy longevity.

the Bouquet of drink reveals the berry notes of blackcurrant and an aroniya which are harmoniously complemented by sweet of a stevia and a licorice.

Nutrition value in 100 g of soluble drink: proteins — 1.1 g, carbohydrates — 75.82 g

Power value: in 100 g of soluble drink — 301.2 kcal in 1 bag (6 g) of soluble drink — 18.1 kcal.

Contents of a package to pour out the Way of preparation

in 150 — 200 ml of warm or cold water, to mix before full dissolution, to insist 2 — 3 minutes and once again carefully to mix.

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Extracts: blackcurrant, Ling zhi (mushroom), ekhinatse, sea-buckthorn, aroniya, licorice; Trimarin complex: DNA low-molecular milts of salmons, chitosan oligosaccharide, alginates and amino acids of brown seaweed; fructose; sweetener natural steviozid; wine acid; ascorbic acid; amber acid; citrus pectin; fibers food natural; natural dyes: beet dye, antotsian covers of red grapes; blackcurrant fragrance identical to natural.

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