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iGen health personal genetic test (a set for iGen health + service in testing)


Personal genetic test: the analysis of processes in an organism

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Genetic test of iGen health

the iGen Health Test is a detailed analysis of the important processes happening in an organism and affecting health. The organism is a smart and harmonious machine which correctly functions, but can glitch. Our many failures are registered genetically and often pass to us into inheritance from parents. To know the features very important, it is a key to long and healthy life!

will tell

of iGen Health how your genes influence digestion processes, will point to existence of the hidden neperenosimost of certain products. You learn how your cardiovascular system functions and what changes of health you, perhaps, should face. The test will tell about your predisposition to pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal device that you could carry out prevention in case on it there are bases. </ all for independent collecting genetic material are p>

In set:

  • tight zip package;
  • two sterile test tubes with wadded applicators;
  • a bag for packing of the used applicators;
  • individual questionnaire;
  • A PIN code for authorization on the website and access to test results;
  • an envelope for sending your materials for the analysis.

How to receive genetic material in house conditions?

to you needs to collect by

For the genetic analysis the bukkalny epithelium which is on a mucous membrane of a mouth, sterile wadded applicators. For capture of dab it is necessary to rub 10 — 20 seconds with circular motions a stick on cheek inside. After that to repeat the procedure with the second applicator to provide purity of the analysis. Further applicators it is necessary to dry, break off sticks and to pack wadded tips into a special bag which you will find in set. After that fill out the questionnaire, seal it and a package of wadded tips in an envelope and send the letter by mail or with the courier.


As well as where will be carries out the analysis of your iGen test?

Genetic materials of the iGen body program come to laboratory where at first from samples DNA is emitted, and then, by means of polymerase chain reaction, existence of mutations in the studied genes is defined. Test results of DNA in this case same exact, as well as by birth, as DNA in all cages same. The analysis is anonymous, assign to samples number, and the fulfilled control system does not allow to mix them. You with guarantee receive your results.

As I will be able to understand results of my DNA analysis?

you receive the full, detailed, illustrated and clear report in electronic form.

the iGen Health Test is an excellent opportunity to learn as much as possible about the health and to draw the correct conclusions. Knowing the predispositions at the genetic level, you will be able to correct the way of life and to prolong its duration.

As I learn that my test is ready?

After you sent to

genetic material to a research to laboratory, be registered on the website by means of the login and the password which are enclosed in your individual set. Pay attention to the status which appeared in a private office. After readiness of the test, the status will change and in case payment is made, you will have a file, convenient for downloading, — a detailed genetic report of testing of iGen.

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