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The easiest way of activation of the Agreement for only one purchase — the Best of the Best set! Buying set, you do at once monthly activation of the Partner agreement in 50 units

as a part of set we connected at once several top lines of products Greenway that you could examine, try and choose with them for yourself something special. In set — a combo from means for cleaning and washing, napkins of the leading range AQUAmagic and also the most tasty drinks and tea.

Besides, set will approach as a gift to the family, relatives or colleagues.

11 means enter the Best of the Best set:

  • Paste the cleaning BioTrim Mystik for removal of strong and permanent pollution will help to achieve brilliant results in kitchen and in the bathroom, perfectly is suitable for a tile, stainless steel, porcelain.
  • The cleaning powder BioTrim Mystik perfectly will be suitable for cleaning of products from glass, porcelain, silver and metal.
  • Plates for washing universal BioTrim BLANC are simple in application and a dosage — they are suitable for washing of bed linen and clothes, completely dissolve dirt, returning to things primitive purity.
  • Express pyatnoochistitel BioTrim X-Formula promotes removal from textiles of fresh pollution from coffee, tea, oil, wine, sauces, fruit, chocolate, cosmetics, ink.
  • Soluble Healthberry IMMUNITY drink has the stimulating effect on the immune system, interfering with development of various diseases.
  • The TeaVitall Express Fresh 1 tea drink promotes soft clarification, restoration and maintenance of health of a gastrointestinal tract, normalizes water-salt balance, brings excess liquid and toxins out of an organism.
  • A napkin universal AQUAmagic UJUT for the general cleaning is suitable for any pollution, perfectly absorbs, does not leave stains and fibers, gives a faultless type of any surface.
  • AQUAmagic UJUT napkin for glass is suitable for cleaning of windows, glasses, crystal, porcelain, TVs, monitors, microwave ovens, the optical equipment.
  • The sponge for kitchen of AQUAmagic SPLITTER perfectly absorbs moisture and holds it together with pollution inside. It is irreplaceable for care of cooking panels, ovens, ceramic aprons, extracts, microwave ovens.
  • AQUAmagic ABSOLUTE napkin for washing of ware bilateral: on the one hand — the smooth «rice» invoice polishes a surface, quickly cleans, does not leave scratches and stains, with another — rigid pile which deletes difficult pollution, a deposit and sticky fat.
  • The sponge for a peeling of AQUAmagic LASKA deletes the horny particles from the surface of skin, renders a deep peeling effect and massage action, starts regeneration processes.


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Paste the cleaning BioTrim Mystik the Cleaning Plate powder BioTrim Mystik for washing universal BioTrim BLANC Express pyatnoochistitel BioTrim X-Formula Soluble Healthberry IMMUNITY drink, 14 sachets the TeaVitall Express Fresh 1, 30 Tea drink the filter packages the Napkin universal AQUAmagic UJUT a turquoise Napkin of AQUAmagic UJUT for the Sponge glass for kitchen of AQUAmagic SPLITTER AQUAmagic ABSOLUTE Napkin for washing of ware the Sponge for Aquamagic LASKA peeling

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