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Sharme Essential aromaroller Tone


Compact aromamediator of your mood

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In a modern rhythm of life we often forget about the most important — rest. Its absence can lead to emotional burning out and decrease in physical activity which is so important presently. And though new day only began, we can already wake up «broken» and tired, dreaming of how quicker again to appear in a cozy bed.

Aromaroller «Tone» will help to cope with emotional and physical exhaustion and will adjust you on big efficiency and good mood.

Thanks to aromasmes you will become easier to wake up, being in great mood and inspired on fulfillment of objectives throughout the day.

Method of application:

For external application. Apply aromasmes on palms or wrists, warm with heat of hands, bring hands to the person, make 3 — 4 deep breaths. Apply as required.

of the Contraindication:

has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of components. Before use we recommend to carry out the sensitivity test: apply mix on an elbow bend, in the absence of reaction in the form of an itch or reddening use an aromaroller according to the recommended method of application.

of the Precautionary measure:

to Avoid

hits in eyes. In case of hit in eyes immediately to wash out a large amount of water.

Storage conditions:

Is recommended to be stored in the place, dry, inaccessible for children, for lack of direct impact of sunlight, with densely closed cover. To protect from fire.

Additional information


Structure: fractional coconut oil, aromatic composition (essential oils of orange, carnation, leaf of cinnamon, vanilla extract).   Fractional coconut oil — the base oil which is the conductor of aromatic composition of essential oils. Essential oil of orange tones up, invigorates, increases mood and working capacity, napityvat energy, warms. Essential oil of a carnation — aroma of inclination and success, improves memory, promotes working capacity and efficiency. Essential oil of a leaf of cinnamon — an unsurpassed natural adaptogen. It is useful to inspiration, adjusts on a victory and success. Extract of vanilla is capable to create instantly special mood, disposing to creative activity.

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