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Sharme Essential base oil Almonds of sweet, 50 ml


100% natural oil of sweet almonds

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Lat. Prunus dulcis

read out almond oil From antiquity a valuable gift of the nature and applied to beauty and improvement. Today sweet almonds are specially grown up for receiving oil. Most of all such plantations in North America. Oil of the first extraction is considered the best. It is used as a basis for medical and cosmetics.

Vitamin-rich and polynonsaturated fatty acids, almonds oil intensively nourishes and moistens skin, protects it from ultra-violet radiation, keeps its soft and elastic. It is irreplaceable for care of dry skin with the visible vascular drawing: eliminates redness and peeling, gives to skin velvet, levels and softens it, improves color. Increases elasticity of skin, smoothes small wrinkles, especially around eyes. The century and lips is suitable for care of gentle skin. It can be used for removal of a make-up and clarification of the person.

it is effective for care of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Strengthens, stimulates growth.

Ideal means for massage. It is applied to elimination of cellulitis.


Easy on texture, oil is quickly absorbed, without leaving a greasy luster. Does not cause irritation. Is suitable for any skin, including for sensitive and children’s.


as independent cosmetic: 5 — To apply 10 ml of oil to skin, 15 minutes later surplus to remove with a napkin.

For massage: 5 — 10 ml of oil as a basis. To enrich with the chosen essential oils. It is possible to use for massage in equal proportions with other base oil, for example, with grape seed oil.

For enrichment of cosmetics: 10 drops on 100 ml of means.

Only for external application! To protect from fire! To store at a temperature not above +15 °C in the place, inaccessible for children, separately from foodstuff.

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