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Sharme Essential base oil Grape seed, 50 ml


100% natural grape seed oil

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Lat. Vitis vinifera

Grape seed oil was used by

for beauty and rejuvenation from time immemorial. The archeological finds relating to times of Ancient Greece and Rome demonstrate to it. In the Middle Ages of the beauty widely applied this oil as base of masks to the hair adding to curls gloss and silkiness.

the Most quality oil is received from grape seeds by a pressing method. It richly polynonsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants which are slowing down skin withering processes. And resveratrol promotes formation of collagen and elastin.

Grape seed oil perfectly softens

, feeds, humidifies, tones up and restores skin, increasing its elasticity and protecting from peeling and a rash. Eliminates the visible vascular drawing, strengthens walls of capillaries, strengthens local blood circulation, increases immunity. Restores lipidic balance, prevents the excessive fat content of skin. Improves its color, does opaque, light, slows down emergence of age pigmentary spots. Helps at cellulitis. Adds gloss and force to hair.


it is Easily absorbed, does not leave a greasy luster and feeling of sticky skin.


as independent cosmetic: 5 — To apply 10 ml of oil to skin, 15 minutes later surplus to remove with a napkin.

For massage: 5 — 10 ml of oil as a basis. To enrich with the chosen essential oils. It is possible to use for massage in equal proportions with other base oil. For example, with oil of sweet almonds.

For enrichment of cosmetics: 10 drops on 100 ml of means.

Precautionary measures

Only for external application! To protect from fire! To store at a temperature not above +15 °C in the place, inaccessible for children, separately from foodstuff.

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