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Sharme Essential essential oil Cinnamon, 5 ml


100% natural essential oil of cinnamon

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Lat. Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Known from an extreme antiquity, a cinnamon tree is fanned by a set of myths and legends. So, from the Bible it is known that it was a sacred plant in a garden of the tsar Solomon. Highly appreciated it and Avicenna. Cinnamon powder was applied to aromas and curative medicines. Escapes and leaves contain about 1% of the essential oil received by method of steam distillation. Perfumers often use it for creation of spirits in east style. The solar aroma of cinnamon is pleasant practically to all.

is Delivered to cells of skin by good nutrition, eliminates slackness and pallor of skin, intensifies blood circulation and exchange processes, protects from the aging action of free radicals, smoothes small wrinkles, saves the person from a greasy luster and rashes. Effectively for fight against cellulitis. Helps at fungal damages of skin.

Well influences practically all bodies and systems. Powerful anti-toxic and cold remedy. Strengthens immunity. Promotes overcoming a depression and stress. Raises a potentiality, stimulates sexual activity.

the Warm, spicy, sweet, cozy, toning aroma inspiring and granting creative activity.


air Aromatization: 4 — The 6th drops on 15 sq.m. Creates the cozy, warm atmosphere.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 3 drops on 15 g of means.

Aromamedalyon: 2 — 3 drops — for strengthening of self-confidence.

Aromatization of a bathtub: 3 — 4 drops on ½ glasses of milk or cream to add mix to a bathtub. Helps to overcome fatigue.

Massage: 2 — 3 drops on 5 ml of base oil.

Only for external application!

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