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Sharme Essential essential oil Lavender, 5 ml


100% natural essential oil of a lavender

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Lat. Lavandula officinalis

the Lavender were grown up in the perfumery purposes still by ancient Greeks and Romans. The last delivered it to other countries. The essential oil received from inflorescences and stalks of a lavender by method of water and steam distillation won fame of an effective remedy for healing of wounds.

lavender Oil perfectly cleans

, tones up and moisturizes the skin, eliminates inflammations, helps at wounds and burns, heals hems from an acne, removes the naggers after stings of insects. Is ideal for care of dry and sensitive skin. Strengthens hair, reduces their loss.


appreciates oil of a lavender and as the powerful demulcent helping at uneasiness and insomnia. Besides, it increases immunity, struggles with infections, enhances motility of intestines, improves digestion.

the Soft, coldish, fresh balsam aroma of a lavender installs tranquility, eliminates fatigue and uneasiness.


air Aromatization: 3 drops of oil of a lavender and 3 drops of oil of a bergamot on 15 sq.m — at an emotional overstrain.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 7 drops on 15 g of means.

Aromamedalyon: 2 — 3 drops. Helps at insomnia.

Aromatization of a bathtub: 5 — To dissolve 10 drops of oil in ½ glasses of milk or cream, to add mix to a bathtub. To accept for the night.

Massage: 2 — 3 drops on 5 ml of base oil. Helps at muscular pains.

Inhalation: 3 drops on 1 l of hot water. Procedure duration — up to 10 minutes.

Only for external application! To protect from fire! To store at a temperature not above +15 °C in the place, inaccessible for children, separately from foodstuff, with densely closed cover.

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