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Sharme Essential essential oil of Palmaroz, 5 ml


100% natural essential oil of a palmaroza

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Lat. Cymbopogon martinii


of a palmaroza — East India. This plant from antiquity was known to the Ayurvedic healers seeing in it a source of harmonization of female energy. The Indian merchants traded in oil of a palmaroza both as aroma and as the remedy helping at violations of digestion and infections. Receive palmaroza oil by method of steam distillation. Its aroma turning the head does not descend already several centuries from a podium of perfumery fashion.

Normalizes work of sebaceous glands and production of skin fat, eliminates inflammations, has the regenerating and deodorizing properties. Well influences the mature dehydrated skin: restores its natural water balance, smoothes wrinkles, tones up, increases elasticity and elasticity.

Improves exchange processes, compensates the shortage of enzymes, optimizes digestion, helps at violations of outflow of a lymph, problems with work of cardiovascular and endocrine systems, calms, protects from a stress, promotes concentration of attention, raises a potentiality.

the Attracting, difficult, delicate, candy, spicy and oily, honey aroma helping at emotional burning out.


air Aromatization: 4 — 6 drops on 15 sq.m. Improves memory.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 10 drops on 15 g of means.

Aromamedalyon: 3 drops — for overcoming feeling of uncertainty.

Aromatization of a bathtub: 5 drops on ½ glasses of milk or cream to add mix to a bathtub. Removes nervous tension.

Massage: 2 — 3 drops on 5 ml of base oil.

Only for external application!

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