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Sharme Essential essential oil Pink tree, 5 ml


100% natural essential oil of a pink tree

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Lat. Dalbergia sissoo

receive Precious oil of a pink tree from the evergreen fancy tree with reddish bark and beautiful yellow flowers belonging to family of laurel. Once pink tree was ruthlessly cut down, but in 1992 the plant was included in the list of endangered species. Oil of a pink tree is received by method of steam distillation. The main advantage of this oil — the high content of the linalol (up to 97%) having a set of curative properties.

is Normalized by a metabolism in fabrics and cells of skin, increases its elasticity and elasticity, eliminates peeling and irritation, smoothes the visible vascular drawing, restores dullness and beautiful complexion, gives to skin freshness, rejuvenates it. Is a natural deodorant.

Powerful resolvent. Possesses anesthetics and spazmolitichesky properties, well influences respiratory organs, helps at asthmatic cough, headaches, a depression. Aphrodisiac.

the Resinous, warm, gentle, mysterious, smoky wood aroma promoting a relaxation and restoration of forces.


air Aromatization: 4 — 6 drops on 15 sq.m. Eliminates apathy, restores composure.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 5 drops on 15 g of means.

Aromamedalyon: 3 drops — for a mood raising.

Aromatization of a bathtub: 6 — 8 drops on ½ glasses of milk or cream to add mix to a bathtub. Calms or tones up, depending on time of day.

Massage: 2 — 3 drops on 5 ml of base oil.

Only for external application!

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