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Sharme Essential essential oil Rozmarin, 5 ml


100% natural essential oil of rosemary

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Lat. Rosmarinus officinalis

Essential oil of rosemary is for the first time received in the 14th century by the alchemist Ramón Lull and eight centuries are widely applied in the cosmetic and preventive purposes. In the 17th century the whole Europe admired «royal water the» of Elizabeth Vengerskaya, for long time who became the main cosmetic. And only a century later it became clear that essential oil of rosemary was «confidential ingredient» of royal water.

Oil of rosemary is appreciated by cosmetologists as an effective remedy for the dry and withering skin: it tones up, feeds and restores it, levels a relief, reduces wrinkles. Narrows pores, eliminates rashes. Strengthens hair, helps to get rid of dandruff.

the brightest curative property of oil of rosemary — salutary impact on blood circulation and work of a cardiovascular system. Besides, it optimizes a hormonal background, stimulates immunity, improves perception and memory, increases sharpness of feelings, makes the strengthening and toning impact on an organism.

the Pure, strong, bitterish and spicy, camphor and balsam grassy aroma of rosemary fills

with energy of life.


air Aromatization: 2 drops of oil of rosemary and 2 drops of oil of mint on 15 sq.m. Helps at cold. Tones up.

Enrichment of cosmetics: up to 5 drops on 15 g of means.

Aromamedalyon: 3 drops — if necessary to concentrate and to think clearly.

Aromatization of a bathtub: To part 8 drops in 2 tablespoons of milk, to add mix to a bathtub. Helps to concentrate.

Massage: 2 — 3 drops on 5 ml of base oil. Well takes off fatigue after the trainings, helps to stop articulate pains.

Inhalation: 2 — 4 drops on 1 l of hot water. Procedure duration — up to 10 minutes.

Only for external application! To protect from fire! To store at a temperature not above +15 °C in the place, inaccessible for children, separately from foodstuff, with densely closed cover.

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