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Natural solid Sharme Hair Lemongrass shampoo (lemongrass)


for gloss and volume, 50 g

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Natural solid SHARME HAIR Lemongrass shampoo is intended for care of the dim, deprived of volume hair. Thanks to the natural ingredients which are its part it improves food of hair, returning them vital force, does obedient and silky. Promotes strengthening of hair bulbs, returns to your curls the volume, natural splendor, natural shine and gloss. </ beauty of hair in compact volume for those who appreciate natural leaving and eco-friendly products is p>

of SHARME HAIR! With application of SHARME HAIR Lemongrass your curls will become healthy and faultless. </ the natural solid shampoo created for care of dim, the hair which lost volume and weakened is p>

of SHARME HAIR Lemongrass. It promotes strengthening of food of hair follicles, returning to hair a healthy and well-groomed look. Your hair will become magnificent, brilliant and healthy.

Thanks to effect of rosemary and the SHARME HAIR Lemongrass grape seed oil promotes strengthening of hair bulbs. Hop well influences roots and structure of hair, recovering and increasing their volume. Gives to your curls splendor and natural shine, gives them healthy natural beauty.

Unlike classical shampoos which for 70 — 80% consist of water solid SHARME HAIR shampoo is most enriched with the looking after active components. In it is mute artificial preservatives, thickeners and dyes, SLS and parabens do not contain. It is a concentrate of the safe washing and natural looking after substances! Natural advantage for hair and anything superfluous!

Thanks to the fact that shampoo perfectly foams it has an economic expense therefore you will be able to use it within 2 — 3 months. The compact form of release does it by ideal option for travel or visit of the gym. Lack of plastic packing and natural structure — a step to an eco-friendly way of life!

the Goods demanding special temperature condition.


  • Moisten hair with water.
  • Apply shampoo on a radical part of hair, having carried out by means several times along roots.
  • Massage the head finger-tips.
  • Then shake up foam and distribute it on all length of hair.
  • Carefully wash away warm water.
  • In quality the finish leaving is recommended to use the natural firm SHARME HAIR Olive Oil conditioner for hair, inclined to fat content.
  • After use solid shampoo needs to be dried.

the Expiration date

of 18 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions

to Store

in dry, protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children, at a temperature from +5 to +25 °C and relative air humidity no more than 70%.

Net weight: 50 g

Shampoo is made by

manually therefore a form, color and the size of a product can insignificantly differ.

Additional information


Sodium Coco Sulfate, Coco Glucoside, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Flower Water, Punica Granatum (Grape) Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Arctium Lappa (Burdock) Extract, Keratin, Glycerin, Fragrance Lemongrass, Lecithin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Sodium Benzoate, Rosemary Essential Oil, Juniperus Communis (Juniper Berry) Oil Extract, Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Essential Oil, Mineral Pigments.   Kokoglyukozid and kokosulfat sodium are used as the soft and safe washing substance. The saponified coconut oil tones up skin, stimulates microcirculation and a metabolism in its cages. The hydrolyzed proteins of wheat care for health of head skin, promote strengthening of hair, smooth their structure, preventing dehydration, give them ease in laying and gloss. The hydrolyzed keratin gets deeply into structure of a hair, fills with itself emptiness and the damaged sites. Moistens hair, reduces their elektrizuyemost. Lecithin perfectly moisturizes the skin and helps to deliver active agents in its deepest layers. Essential oil of rosemary looks after head skin, promotes restoration of volume and elasticity of locks. Is suitable for care of the thin, weakened hair. Essential oil of grapes stabilizes work of sebaceous glands, actively moisturizes head skin, returning to your curls natural silkiness. Essential oil of a lemongrass strengthens roots of hair, stimulates blood circulation, it protects negative impact of the environment. Hop well influences roots and structure of hair, increasing the volume of curls. Gives to hair splendor and shine, gives them healthy beauty.

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