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Sharme Amulet cream ml, nutritious with sun-protection effect of SPF 30, 50


Nutritious cream with sun-protection effect

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The AMULET cream containing natural vegetable UV filters of SPF 30 reliably protects skin from influence of negative natural factors, an oxidizing stress. Restores barrier functions of epidermis, increases local immunity. Intensifies collagen synthesis, slows down aging processes. Improves structure of skin, promotes smoothing of wrinkles.

Method of application: to put a small amount of cream on previously cleaned face. To distribute with slight circular motions on massage lines. After cream is absorbed, it is possible to do a make-up. It is recommended to put every day in the morning or in the afternoon.

the Goods demanding special temperature condition.

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Gel basis; linseed oil; shea butter; extracts of a chaga, bearberry, Sudanese rose; dioxide of the titan; lecithin; carbamide; lavitol; betaine; vitamins A, E, C, B9; essential oils of a rose and not role; sea salt; katanas; zinc sulfate.

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