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Sharme Chic mask shampoo, 250 ml


Mask shampoo for strengthening and growth of hair

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Intensively restores hair on all length. Strengthens blood circulation and strengthens walls of vessels that promote the best food of hair and supply of cages with oxygen. Successfully fights both against excessive fat content, and with dryness, fadedness, fragility and a hair loss. Returns a tone to the weakened and overdried hair, gives them healthy force, filling them with shine of beauty.

Method of application: 1 — Part 3 tablespoons of powder (depending on length of hair) with hot water (t 60 — 90 °C) to consistence of liquid sour cream. Apply on previously moistened head. Rub a part of means in roots, evenly distribute the rest on hair. Massage the head. If you use means as shampoo — carefully wash away it. If you use means as a mask, prolong procedure time up to 15 — 30 minutes. You watch that head skin did not dry up: moisten it with water or cover with a hat. Carefully wash away means — before full removal.

can use the conditioner To the best laying, applying it only on hair, not allowing hit on head skin. It is relevant at the beginning of application of means as after long use of chemical cosmetics the fatty balance of head skin needs restoration. Also the conditioner can be used in case your hair are injured by coloring or a chemical wave. Instead of use of the conditioner it is possible to rinse the head with the water acidified by citric acid or food vinegar (1 h a spoon on a glass).

as shampoo can be applied as necessary. As a mask it is recommended to use once a week.

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Clay bentonite, zeolite, mustard powder, bran rye and wheat, soap nut, hop cones, sporysh, root of a burdock, licorice root, copper sulfate.

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