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Sharme Desire nutritious face pack, 75 ml


Nutritious face pack

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The best means for activization of exchange processes and restoration of cellular respiration. The mask will mobilize all resources of skin which strenuously works on own moistening and updating, developing proteins for youth of skin and lipids for restoration of a protective barrier. Signs of fatigue leave, the smoothness, density and elasticity of skin increase. It is filled with vital force.

Method of application: part 1 teaspoon of powder with hot water (t 60 — 90 °C — depending on sensitivity of skin) to consistence of liquid sour cream. Put on the moist and previously cleaned by means KISS face. Sustain 15 minutes. You watch that skin did not dry up: periodically moisten it with water. Upon termination of the procedure carefully wash away means.

to Apply

1 — 3 time a week

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Clay white, clay bentonite, clay pink, chloride of potassium, dogrose berry, parsley leaves, nettle dvudomny, lucerne, sodium alginate, L-cystine.

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