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Sharme Fluid cream for a century with sun-protection effect of SPF 10, 30 of ml


Cream for a century with sun-protection effect

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Thanks to the balanced structure FLUID cream intensively humidifies, tones up and the century nourishes gentle skin. Smoothes small wrinkles, does skin more dense and elastic, reduces puffiness. Restores intercellular matriks, strengthens a blood-groove. UV filters of SPF 10 protect eyelids from destructive action of ultraviolet.

Method of application: to apply a small amount of cream to previously cleaned skin a century. To distribute easy movements. After full absorption it is possible to do a make-up. For daily application in the morning and in the evening.

the Goods demanding special temperature condition.

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Gel basis, grape seed oil, shea butter, dogrose oil, root extracts alteya, a cornflower field, ochanka, a betaine, a fragrance "green tea", zinc sulfate, salt sea, vitamins A and With, katanas, essential oil of a tea tree.

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