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Sharme Kiss face cleaner, 250 ml


Means for face cleansing, 18+

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Carefully and effectively purifies leather from all types of pollution. Peels the died-off cages, eliminates dryness, excess fat content, irritation and inflammations, restores natural balance and a tone.

Result — feeling of freshness, ease and youth! Face skin begins to breathe, you look looked younger and fresh.

Method of application: fill 0.5 teaspoons of powder in a palm and add several drops of warm water for receiving creamy mix. Apply means to moist face skin, including area around eyes. Carefully massage. Sustain from 10 seconds to 1 minute (depending on sensitivity of skin). Carefully wash away means.

For daily application.

to Store

at t from — 15 up to +40 °C.

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Clay white, clay bentonite, sea and lake salts, hydrocarbonate of sodium, calendula flowers, yarrow, copper sulfate.

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