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Sharme Pearl the strengthening tooth-powder, 75 ml


The strengthening tooth-powder

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Completely natural structure effectively cleans teeth from a raid and helps to eliminate morbidity, puffiness and bleeding of gums. The form of particles guarantees careful attitude to tooth enamel and penetration of powder into hard-to-reach spots for more careful and fast cleaning. Strengthens tooth enamel and gums, provides prevention of caries and diseases of the parodont.

Method of application: rinse an oral cavity water. Pour out a small amount of powder on a palm, bring together him by a damp soft brush then carry out massage of teeth and gums within 3 minutes. After the procedure rinse an oral cavity water. When using as appliques you hold means in a mouth up to 10 minutes. It is recommended for daily application.

to Store

at t from — 15 up to +40 °C.

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Clay white, bran wheat, calcium carbonate, leaf of currant, leaf of a sage, leaf of a plantain, horsetail field, salt sea, papain.

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