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Sharme Queen the rejuvenating mask lifting for the person, 75 ml


Rejuvenating lifting mask

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The mask with the regenerating effect is the intensive means against aging which is making active ability of skin to updating. Restores high education level of proteins and protects collagen and elastin from destruction, keeping natural moisture content of skin. Reduces quantity of wrinkles, levels a microrelief, tightens a face contour, condenses structure of skin.

Method of application: part 1 teaspoon of powder with hot water (t 60 — 90 °C — depending on sensitivity of skin) to consistence of liquid sour cream. Put on the moist and previously cleaned by means MIRACLE face. Sustain 15 minutes. You watch that skin did not dry up: periodically moisten it with water. Upon termination of the procedure carefully wash away means.

to Apply

1 — 3 time a week.

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Clay bentonite, clay white, clay pink, calendulas flowers, camomile pharmaceutical, sodium alginate, parsley garden, alteya root, rosemary, linen flour, potassium chloride.

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