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Sharme Velvet the renewing cream — a body scrub, 250 ml


The renewing cream — a body scrub

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Cream srub with anti-cellulite effect exempts skin from pollution and the horny parts, delivers to cages all necessary phytomineral food, improves microcirculation, raises the immune status, restores hydrolipidic balance, intensifies processes of regeneration and synthesis of the substances necessary for skin youth. Result — the velvety, fresh, gentle, elastic and filled with energy skin.

Method of application: part 1 — 2 tablespoons of powder with warm water to consistence of liquid sour cream. Apply with circular motions mix on a body, continue to mass within 1 — 3 minutes then carefully wash away. If you want to strengthen effect of cream srub — prolong an exposition up to 10 minutes. During the procedure do not allow skin drying: periodically moisten it with water. Means can be used in a bath or a sauna.

as means can be applied to washing daily. As the looking after means — 1 — 3 time a week.

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Clay white, salt sea, salt lake, clay bentonite, bran oat, a horsetail field, a nettle dvudomny, a red clover, a yarrow, a St. John's wort the made a hole, buckwheat flour, tea Kuril, potassium chloride.

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