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The SHARME BASIC collection for basic leaving


Collection of means for basic care of skin and hair

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Art of healthy beauty — «profession» unique, for 100% of natural phytomineral activators of beauty of SHARME. Thanks to a dry form in them there is no chemistry at all — only the most effective and useful herbs and minerals. While in traditional cosmetics the share of active agents does not exceed 20%.

are created by

of Means of BASIC COLLECTION for full face care, a body and hair. They effectively purify skin and deliver to cages everything that it is necessary for them for life, solving the most different cosmetic problems. Working in deep layers, active components change skin from within and slow down its aging. The face and hair will be healthy and fine — as it and is conceived by the nature.

the Collection is intended to

for care of skin and hair of any type and has no age restrictions.

to Store

at a temperature from — 15 up to +40 °C.

Period of storage: 36 months.

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KISS KISS Face cleaner delicately exempts skin from all types of pollution, peels the died-off cages, eliminates dryness, excess fat content, irritation and inflammations, restores natural balance and a tone. Result — feeling of freshness, the ease "breathing" skin. The person will look rejuvenated and fresh. Method of application: fill 0.5 teaspoons of powder in a palm and add several drops of warm water for receiving creamy mix. Apply means to moist face skin, including area around eyes. Carefully massage. Sustain from 10 seconds to 1 minute (depending on sensitivity of skin). Carefully wash away means. For daily application. DESIRE the Nutritious face pack the Best means for activization of exchange processes and restoration of cellular respiration. The mask will mobilize all resources of skin which begins to work strenuously on own moistening and updating, developing proteins for youth of skin and the lipids restoring a natural protective barrier. Skin becomes smooth and elastic and looks well rested. Method of application: part 1 teaspoon of powder with hot water (t of 60 — 90 °C — depending on sensitivity of skin) to consistence of liquid sour cream. Put on the moist and previously cleaned by means KISS face. Sustain 15 minutes. You watch that skin did not dry up: periodically moisten it with water. Upon termination of the procedure carefully wash away means. To apply 1 — 3 time a week. VELVET the Renewing cream — a body scrub Cream srub with anti-cellulite effect exempts skin from pollution and the horny parts, delivers to cages all necessary phytomineral food, improves microcirculation, raises the immune status, restores hydrolipidic balance, intensifies processes of regeneration and synthesis of the substances necessary for preservation of youth of skin. Result — the velvety, fresh, gentle, elastic and filled with energy skin. Method of application: part 1 — 2 tablespoons of powder with warm water to consistence of liquid sour cream. Apply with circular motions mix on a body, continue to mass within 1 — 3 minutes then carefully wash away. If you want to strengthen effect of cream srub — prolong an exposition up to 10 minutes. During the procedure do not allow skin drying: periodically moisten it with water. Means can be used in a bath or a sauna. As means it is possible to apply to washing daily. As the looking after means — 1 — 3 time a week. SHINE Mask shampoo for gloss and the volume of hair Intensively cleans and revitalizes head skin, delivering it the restoring food. Substances for stimulation of blood circulation, elimination of dryness and excessive fat content, fight against dandruff and maintaining color of a dyed hair are a part. The mask strengthens roots and solders split ends. And birch leaves in structure facilitate laying and combing of locks. Regular application of means will present you magnificent hair — magnificent, strong and brilliant. Method of application: 1 — Part 3 tablespoons of powder (depending on length of hair) with hot water (t of 60 — 90 °C) to consistence of liquid sour cream. Apply on previously moistened head. Rub a part of means in roots, evenly distribute the rest on hair. Massage the head. If you use means as shampoo — carefully wash away it. If you use means as a mask, prolong procedure time up to 15 — 30 minutes. You watch that head skin did not dry up: moisten it with water or cover with a hat. Carefully wash away means — before full removal. It is possible to use the conditioner to the best laying, applying it only on hair, not allowing hit on head skin. It is relevant at the beginning of application of means as after long use of chemical cosmetics the fatty balance of head skin needs restoration. Also the conditioner can be used in case your hair are injured by coloring or a chemical wave. Instead of use of the conditioner it is possible to rinse the head with the water acidified by citric acid or food vinegar (1 h a spoon on a glass). As shampoo it is possible to apply as necessary. As a mask it is recommended to use once a week.

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