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Altai Mountains TeaVitall Anyday tea drink


Daily tea drink

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Feel unique spirit of Altai, having tasted tart original TeaVitall Anyday «Altai Mountains» tea. The unusual components which made an author’s blend will open for you absolutely new taste. The unique combination of black tea, caraway seeds, dyagilya and ivan-tea does a tea bouquet saturated and balanced.

the Altai herbs have special and unique flavoring and also medicinal properties. They are characterized toning and strengthening effects, help to be released from cares and to make a magic, magic trip, comfortably having settled in a favourite chair.

Altai Mountains — perfect harmony of the nature for your pleasure.

the Way of preparation

Fill in 1 tea filter package with hot water with the temperature about 90 °C and let’s infuse 7 — 10 minutes.

the Expiration date

of 18 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions

to Store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells with relative humidity no more than 70%.

Net weight: 79.8 g (the 38th filter packages × 2.1 g).

Additional information


Black Ceylon tea, black Indian tea, ivan-tea (willow-herb) fermented, caraway seeds (seeds), dyagil (root), a licorice (root).   Black tea as the foot of the mountain, lies in the basis of tea drink. Thanks to it the taste becomes saturated and deep. Ivan tea is a travel on the Altai meadows, walk along turquoise Katun, morning fog and a cool of a decline. It has flower aroma with fruit and honey and berry notes. Caraway seeds — one of the most ancient spices in the world — shades a blend bitterly — spiciness. He adds sharpness and as if would remind of legends about mountain spirits. Dyagil who sometimes name Angelika, still Paracelsus mentioned. He has a strong smell, sweetish, with a small ostrinka taste and unique aroma. Its notes will help you to be transferred to the Altai yurta and to be warmed at the center. The licorice finishes a drink bouquet sweet aftertaste.

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