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TeaVitall Anyday Chinese tea drink


Daily tea drink

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Plunge into surprising Chinese culture, having tried TeaVitall Anyday China! Thanks to a combination of four grades of green tea shaded by a dried peel of orange and a sweetish note of an anise you feel as the participant of a tea ceremony. The gentle, creamy, unique taste will present you pleasure and a pacification!

the Tea drinking — a fine opportunity to stay with relatives or to communicate to friends. Tea is appropriate both during business negotiations, and on a romantic picnic. Try TeaVitall Anyday China — it is noble, captivating taste, acquaintance to which will be remembered to you forever!

the Way of preparation

Fill in 1 tea filter package with hot water with the temperature about 90 °C and let’s infuse 7 — 10 minutes.

the Expiration date

of 18 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions

to Store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells with relative humidity no more than 70%.

Net weight: 76 g (the 38th filter packages × 2 g).

Additional information


Green Chinese tea, crust of fruits of orange, anise (fruits), natural Orange fragrance.   Green Chinese tea is a canvas on which orange and an anise paint a picture of an author's blend. The combination of four grades of tea does a basis of drink very gentle and silent, opening an opportunity to other ingredients to prove. Orange refreshes and awakens images of the fogs and cool declines met in mountains. Sweet, fragrant fruits of an anise are met by heat and do tea moderately sweet. Besides, spicy fruits promote rejuvenation of an organism and improve a condition of skin.

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