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TeaVitall Anyday Himalayan tea drink


Daily tea drink

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The Himalayas there is the highest mountains on Earth, a house of a great number of gods and edge full of secrets and riddles. We invite you to make a trip to other reality, to find answers to the questions and to glance in ourselves. With the Himalayas tea drink it is so easy to follow a way of a spiritual enlightenment, to be improved and conquer new peaks. Estimate an unusual combination of the tastes and aromas which are given rise highly in mountains. Fortress of black tea is softened with sweet of a meadowsweet, and tart sourness of an aroniya is harmoniously complemented with tenderness of a buckwheat which homeland are the Himalayas.

Himalayas Tea is drink for winners. In everything.


Fill in 1 tea bag with hot water (temperature about 90 °C) and let’s infuse 5-7 minutes.

38 the filter of packages on 2.0 gr

Net weight 76 gr

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Structure: tea black, buckwheat (cover of seeds), aroniya (fruits), meadowsweet (flowers), natural fragrance "Buckwheat honey". Black tea stimulate a metabolism, take off fatigue and improve work of a cardiovascular system. Drink is vitamin-rich, amino acids, minerals, essential oils which positively influence an organism increase working capacity and stimulate a metabolism. Caffeine and tannin in structure put heart and a tone for all day. The buckwheat gives to drink soft flower aroma, and still is a source of useful substances, vitamins and minerals. The buckwheat strengthens protective forces of an organism, strengthens immunity, increases the resilience to viral and catarrhal diseases, and still cleans vessels and improves exchange processes. Aroniya — fruits of a black-fruited mountain ash which long since are famous for the useful properties. The rich composition of vitamins, minerals, pectins and glycosides help to reduce cholesterol level, to clean an organism from slags and toxins, to strengthen walls of blood vessels and to remove nervous tension. The meadowsweet or a meadowsweet is famous not only for the advantage, but also the bright honey aroma giving to drink special sounding. In structure — vitamins, minerals, tannins, essential oils, but the main thing — ascorbic and salicylic acids which do this drink — the best prevention from catarrhal diseases. In addition, the meadowsweet allocates drink with the calming properties.

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