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TeaVitall Anyday Laplandia tea drink


Daily tea drink

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Do not you trust in miracles? It is because you were not in Lapland. With TeaVitall AnyDay Laplandia tea you had an opportunity to be transferred to the snow-covered northern fairy tale. To the country thousands of lakes, the polar lights which are poured all colors of the rainbow and kind Santa Claus’s homeland. Do not hurry to come back home! Try a cup of tea according to the old Lappish recipe. You will find unique color of these severe, but wonderful places in it: fortress of black and Indian tea, bright sourness of a useful cranberry, sweet and softness of a licorice.


Fill in 1 tea bag with hot water (temperature about 90 °C) and let’s infuse 7-10 minutes.

Expiration date:

of 18 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions:

to Store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells with relative humidity no more than 70%.

38 the filter of packages on 2.1 g

the Net weight of 79.8 g

Additional information


Black Nepalese tea, black Indian tea, cranberry (fruits), tsetrariya (sloyevishche), licorice (root), natural cranberry fragrance.   Black Nepalese tea — the mountain tea which is grown up at the height of 3000 meters that gives to taste special taste and aroma. Reserved fortress of drink invigorates, puts in order of a thought and feeling. Black Indian tea gives to drink deep velvety taste, graceful tartness and refined honey and flower aroma. Fruits of a cranberry give to tea drink bright sourness and a large amount of vitamins and useful substances. A cranberry — the excellent assistant in prevention and treatment of cold, but also excellent natural antidepressant. The licorice which is skillfully interwoven into a tea bouquet gives softness and easy sweet aftertaste without hint on excessive sweetness. In taste you feel only easy notes of flower honey — a symbol of eternal summer and the sun.

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