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TeaVitall Anyday Siberian tea drink


Daily tea drink

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The immense open spaces of Siberia stretched from the Ural Mountains to the most Ledovity ocean, a boundless taiga the mighty rivers and hard Siberian frosts became inspiration for creation of tea with the Siberian character. From time immemorial Siberians were famous for excellent health which was kept thanks to taiga gifts — natural plants and herbs. In Siberia tea we managed to connect together light tartness of green tea, gentle grass taste of the fermented leaf of a sea-buckthorn and unique sourness of its berries. The light natural aroma adjusts on kind thoughts and gives tranquility and serenity.


Fill in 1 tea bag with hot water (temperature about 90 °C) and let’s infuse 3-5 minutes.

Expiration date:

of 18 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions:

to Store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells with relative humidity no more than 70%.

38 the filter of packages on 2.2 g

the Net weight of 83.6 g

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Green tea, sea-buckthorn (the leaf fermented), natural sea-buckthorn fragrance.   Green tea — east drink of longevity which contains practically all groups of vitamins and useful elements. Green tea — drink of the real judges: some will find in it pleasant astringent taste of grape seed, others — aroma of a mowed grass, the third — freshness of a jasmine. But one remains invariable — the balanced rich aftertaste is guaranteed to all. The fermented leaf of a sea-buckthorn is famous for availability of serotonin in it — hormone of pleasure and happiness. To it it should be added the tannin and ascorbic acid having anti-inflammatory properties. Tea with a sea-buckthorn will present tranquility and a pacification, and still will support immunity during a season of colds.

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